Series 7 Ep9 - Bavarian Adventures

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  • Song Name: Series 7 Ep9 - Bavarian Adventures
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2013

Hello all, we think the podcast has been getting a little lax since we started doing them on Skype. It was the only way to keep them going due to logistical issues finding time to meet up, especially now Rich has more of a social life.

Recording the podcasts live and in the same room has more energy, more 'je ne sais quoi', more laughs, for you and for us. So it would be better to record them in batches like we used to and release them when we have them rather than slavishly record lesser quality podcasts in order to hit a deadline.

We needed a live episode, one which would see us go out on a bang, one set in a German bar in Munich during a Stag Do, yes, that would do nicely. Enjoy.

The twitter feed will continue in it's haphazard approach, the website will be brought up to date and the android app too. There is even another single in the pipeline!

Thank you so much for listening to us thus far. There will be more. So until next Podcast Wednesday (hopefully not too far away) That's it for now..... we'll think of some more.