Series 5 Ep9 - Inappropriate Facebook Likes

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  • Song Name: Series 5 Ep 9 - Inapropriate Facebook Likes
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2013

Facebook was designed for the very few people selected to go to Harvard. If you are not as clever as one of those elite few (I'm not for a minute suggesting I am) then you have no right to an account. Facebook gets ruined by stupidity, the sort of stupidity demonstrated on an hourly basis by people in your news feed.
Maybe you get drawn into arguments with people you've never met, maybe you agree to donate a 'Like' to someone daft enough to base their decision on whether they bring their offspring into the world on the basis that some strangers gave them a million 'likes', maybe you're a teenager who treats 'likes' of your profile picture as some sort of pointless currency amongst your circle of equally confused friends.
Chances are you update your status to tell us all your 'feelings' please don't for a minute think we give a shit, worse you are the sort of utter waste of skin who clicks 'Like' when you hear a good friend has been burgled... and this reader, is where our prologue endeth.