Series 5 Ep 7 - Being Old

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  • Song Name: Series 5 Ep7 - Being Old
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2013

Old age, 'It happens to the best of us', which is a strange comment given that it flies in the face of it's equally famous age related comment, 'Only the good die young'. Seeing as Freddie Mercury & Queen wrote a song about the 'good dying young' then we must surely agree with that. (Unless Freddie was simply trying to pre-empt obituary writers into deciding whether he had 'good AIDS' or 'bad AIDS).

Anyone out there who cannot remember Freddie Mercury or football before Ryan Giggs probably doesn't need to listen to this, unless you want a warning about what old age is like. In this episode George 33 and Rich 33 (at time of recording) discuss how life has changed in their dotage. To be honest, as ridiculous as that sounds, throughout history, 33 has been a very old age. Anyone older than 33 (including Rich since his birthday) is an abomination and a complete insult to Darwinism. Consider yourself on Mother Nature's hit list. You're going down, soon probably being stabbed to death after being chased down the street by hooded chavs, angry at your avoidance of death by Sabre tooth tiger or being taken as a human sacrifice to a deity. Have a good week.