Series 5 Ep2 - 50th Anniversary

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  • Song Name: Series 5 Ep2 - 50th Anniversary
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2012

Well 50 years ago this week, people were still watching the first ever Bond film (They used to take ages going round the country in those days), talking about the new group called the Rolling Stones and arguing over whether they would last longer than the also new Beatles.

It was an exciting time of cultural innovation that saw the beginnings of a British global pop culture invasion. What many people don't realise is that also 50 years ago this week, Rich and George went to Bletchley park to record and release their first podcast. A computer the size of a house clicked and whirred for 72 hours before finally uploading our ramblings to the proto internet, (a man running to an equally massive computer with an enormous reel to reel tape). From such humble beginnings we've grown over 5 decades and today present you you our 50th anniversary edition! Enjoy.
p.s. On a serious note we enjoyed our 7,000th download this week, thank you all.