Se2 E11 - Thank You Card Guilt

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  • Song Name: Se2 E11 - Thank You Card Guilt
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2012

Dear listener, thank you very much for downloading our podcast. It is very nice and we look forward to spending it soon. We hope you had a nice listen and we look forward to seeing you at Christmas.

The thank you card is a staple of western civilisation, removing the joy gained from the giving of gifts by adding an extra dimension of receiving, something which is supposed to be far less important than the act of giving. Nevertheless a combination of parents and grandparents ruin the very concept of gifts for many through the insistence on thank you cards. We at Podcast Towers are ever grateful to 'Jingle-Smith' Martyn for his work editing a little jingle that MAY appear soon as a full length single for purchase from iTunes! (Thanks again Martyn, we've sent you a thank you card in the post.)