Se9 Ep03 - M&M World

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  • Song Name: Se9 Ep3 - M&M World
  • Artist: Rich and George
  • Album: Rich and George's 15 Minutes of Shame
  • Year: 2013

The dangers of what can happen when large chocolate making corporations decide to become heroes to the masses of pig shit thick idiots that roam our planet. You know the ones, the stupid idiots regularly caught giggling at internet based captioned photos of cats. The people stood on street corners loudly discussing the intricacies of the current series of X Factor and looking forward to the next episode of 'celebs' 'roughing' it in the jungle. The sort of people who 'make a stand against cancer' not by donating bone marrow or money to cancer support charities, no, they post a picture on their Facebook profile, a picture made up of text that accuses 90% of people to not care enough to do so.

Sorry this is becoming a rant.
Also, apologies for the sound quality which dips a little temporarily halfway through. Bloody technology eh?